• Getting to know you hair…
  • Our premium hair extensions are ethically sourced from the Holy temples in southern India.
  • As the name implies your Raw hair bundles are in it’s true raw form, free from chemical/ steam processing.
  • The textures and patterns are in it’s raw state and have not been altered. This tends to show in how no two bundles are exactly the same.

The simple process it goes through are as follows:

Sourcing > sorting > cleaning > wefting > shampooing > conditioning > air drying

  • Raw hair has the tendency to be a bit drying, since it has been cut and detached from the donor where it derived it’s necessary nutrients. This is why you need to put moisture back in through co-washing, for a refreshed look .
  • Just like your natural hair, raw hair reacts to the elements of weather eg.humidity, temperature, wind etc.


Ready for your install?


  • We highly recommend washing or co-washing your extensions prior to first use. This will put moisture back in your extensions. During the process of packing and transportation your hair may tend to be a little dry.
  • For optimum results and a beautiful look Co wash hair weekly and shampoo wash bi-weekly using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulfates and parabens.
  • Preceding a wash, gently detangle hair with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush going from ends to the top.
  • It’s always recommended to air dry your hair fully without touching or running hands through to reduce frizz.
  • Avoid usage of heavy products such as grease, which weighs the hair down. A little bit of light serums can be added for frizz control and extra shine.
  • Seek professional assistance for coloring and bleaching of hair.
  • Avoid excess heat and use a heat protectant if the need be as a shield to protect your hair.


Night time Routine….

  • Once your extensions are installed in a sew-in or glued down, it is imperative to wrap your hair in a silk scarf, bonnet or pillow case as it moves with the hair which reduces the friction between the hair strands.
  • Never go to sleep in wet or damp hair, this will cause matting and tangling.
  • For wavy and curly textures we recommend braiding or twisting your hair in two or more sections to maintain the pattern.